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Why Would You Need an Essay Extender?

essay lengthener professional helpOften when you are set essays and papers for your assignments you will be told to meet a certain minimum word or page count. This is done to ensure that you cover the subject of your writing in sufficient depth. After all an essay that is too short is unlikely to cover all of the points that your tutor expects you to uncover.

An essay lengthener is one way that you can use if your writing should come up short. Many students will find at some point they will struggle with their writing either due to time constraints or simply because they are having issues with the area that they have been asked to write about. Using our essay inflator is a simple way to make sure that your paper will meet the expectations of your tutor.

Our essay writing website has been supporting students with professional help and easy to use tools such as our word inflator for many years. We are sure that through our help you will be able to craft an essay that will fully satisfy your needs every time.

How Can You Extend Your Essay?

essay extender writing serviceThere are many different ways that you can extend your essay to meet the expectations of your tutor. However not every method is actually going to add any value to your paper or impress your tutor to help you to gain better grades. If you are not careful with the methods that you choose you could actually end up with lower marks that you expected.

The following easy essay writing tips for making your paper longer will help you to meet expectations:

  • Alter your page settings and fonts: by increasing from a 12pt to 12.5pt font, making the margins a little wider, adding an extra space after every period, and even increasing line spacing from 1 to 1.25 or more you can quickly make your essay appear to be a page or more longer than it originally was. However using all of the possible tricks together can often make it obvious what you have done.
  • Add quotations: dropping in a couple of lengthy quotations to support your arguments can be an effective way of increasing the length of the paper. In some cases, it may even earn you a few extra brownie points and improve your grades. However, using several quotations to pad out your paper may be a little too obvious.
  • Add an extra supporting argument: many use the usual five paragraph structure for their writing with the main body being three supporting arguments. What’s to stop you adding a fourth oven a fifth? Adding extra information can not only improve your essay it can help you to gain better grades. However, you may have to do additional research and spend time to gain that extra information.
  • Use a write my essay generator or an essay extender: there are many tools that you can access online that will help you to make a longer essay. However, they tend to work by adding in extra adjectives and by swapping words for longer versions or phrases. This can make your writing appear very wordy. As with any form of software you will need to carefully review the output to avoid embarrassing mistakes as they are not always perfect.

Why Would You Want to Use an Essay Lengthener?

Using many of the techniques mentioned above to lengthen your paper can be time-consuming and require you to do additional research. This is not what you need if you are up against the clock or are really struggling with the subject. This is why using our make my essay longer generator can be a real lifesaver if you need to submit your paper on time.

How Can Our Professional Services Help You?

make my essay longer generator for youIf you are looking for someone to “write my essay online” or to just add an extra page or two of relevant information to your paper we can help you. We offer a full range of writing and editing services that are provided by experts that hold postgraduate qualifications in the field in which they work. Through their knowledge and superior writing skills you are assured of a perfectly written paper that will fully meet all expectations.

All of our experts work with you right from the start to make sure that they fully understand precisely what you are expecting from your writing. Writing is conducted with you to a high standard and always from scratch. We never allow any form of copying through our services. Your essay will always be written or extended in a totally unique fashion.

Why Are We the Best Essay Writing Service to Extend Your Writing?

easy essay writing helpWith writers that have native level English language skills and a full knowledge of what your curriculum expects from your essay you can be sure of support that will help you submit work of a standard that will help you to maintain or improve your grades. We work hard to achieve the best results for you and are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the help that we provide, in fact, we guarantee it. If we are unable to provide you with the standard of support that you are looking for then we will refund your money.

All writing is unique and provided with a plagiarism report, we also offer free proofreading and formatting on all of our services to ensure there are no errors with your paper. With unlimited revisions to your writing and an around the clock service that will always deliver promptly and on time you really cannot go wrong by using our support.

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